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Sassy, Review

"Discover our city, one neighbourhood at a time, with the best of Tseung Kwan O…Pastis Tapas is the perfect spot to share a hearty meal with loved ones"

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Honeycombers, Review

"Before we jump into the food, let’s give Pastis Tapas a round of applause for being so considerate— their menu comes with a QR code where you can quickly glance at the photos of each item"

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Time Out, Review

"The space is bright and airy but cosy with a menu that offers aperitivos, fresh seafood, tortilla, paella, meat and vegetable options, as well as desserts"

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SCMP Good Eating, Review

"Elegant waterfront dining at Tseung Kwan O restaurant Pastis Tapas...Staff at this new restaurant at Monterey Place in Tseung Kwan O are cheerful and friendly, with good knowledge of the menu"

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